Unlike other vehicle buying websites we specialise in buying your entire fleet fo commercial vehicles.

We don’t use fancy computer calculations or algorithms that provide you with an instant valuation. Instead we have members of staff with years of experience in commercial motor trade that value each and every lead we receive via our website manually.

It is a laborious process for us but ensures you get the more accurate and honest valuation for your vehicle.



Simply click on the valuation button and complete the form. Our valuations are always realistic and a true reflection of market value. Once you receive your vehicle valuation, which is valid for 5 days, you can choose to accept the offer.

We will arrange an appointment for one of our friendly and professional vehicle buyer’s to visit and inspect the van and arrange an instant bank transfer payment to your account. There is no obligation to accept our valuation.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, our vehicle buyer will only leave once your bank has received payment in full. This gives our customers complete peace of mind.

Click below to get your valuation.